MasterWise Live @ Strawberry Fields 2014

About This Video

Live Footage of MasterWise performing their song 'Call On Me' LIVE @ Strawberry Fields 2014, National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

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March, 2015




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  • Chakeli

    simply amazing

    • Damuturi

      very much voice

      • Garparti

        lyrics are amazing

        • Chindrum


          • Moulide

            waiting for more such videos

            • Sirami

              my favorite song

              • Paynam

                what a singer

                • Panaamu

                  my favorite song

                  • Syamalu

                    music is dope...and so are the lyrics

                    • Maanyapu

                      it is so nice

                      • Rambabau

                        dil jeet liya yaar singer ne

                        • Bujamidi

                          Superb nicely