Above The Mountains
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About This Video

First music video by MasterWise performing their song 'Above The Mountains'.

Release Date

March, 2015


Rock, Soft Rock


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  • Zarapala

    Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

    • Shaikan

      waiting for more

      • Zonapudi

        Best sung

        • Edmond

          :) :)

          • Kevelya

            music is dope...and so are the lyrics

            • Pargande

              very very nice

              • Kinjurao

                very much voice

                • Emaney

                  such lyrics

                  • Laavya


                    • Renuman

                      waiting for more such videos

                      • Bachel


                        • Khumuru

                          I like it

                          • Ballnaki

                            deserves more and more views

                            • Pikota

                              Such bliss

                              • Thrinata

                                such lyrics

                                • Beerely

                                  Superb nicely

                                  • Alipa

                                    music is damn good

                                    • Paeranna

                                      fantastic song

                                      • Kundrudu

                                        can watch this everyday

                                        • Kattpudi

                                          waiting for more such videos

                                          • Ponma

                                            :) :)

                                            • Goribude

                                              very much voice

                                              • Bilali

                                                such lyrics