Singer Singer

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Song about a guy who is lost in search of his calling. As part of the collaborative project called
The M Theory .
1)Ananyabrata Chakravorty (Vocals/ Lyrics,Composition)
2)Aneesh Vidyashankar (Violin)
3)Monjyoti Bhattacharyya (Guitar , Melody , Whistle, Co...More

Release Date

March, 2015


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  • Damuturi

    Such bliss

    • Gembalee

      :) :)

      • Syedkhan

        music is dope...and so are the lyrics

        • Shaabhir

          fantastic song

          • Chiliver

            Sooo nice...maza aa gya

            • Ejajula

              keep up the good work

              • Yetuari

                nice video :)

                • Eruva

                  Such bliss

                  • Kunol

                    I like it

                    • Kotkuri

                      kya barbaad hai ye

                      • Nagubaba

                        mast video hai ;)

                        • Uduutha

                          lovely concept

                          • Malchia

                            Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

                            • Negoumi

                              deserves more and more views

                              • Anusan

                                why it's not a big hit till now

                                • Barikei

                                  what a singer

                                  • Shwarulu

                                    :) :)

                                    • Maaliik

                                      nice video :)

                                      • Uppuneti

                                        more and more love :)

                                        • Nodiual

                                          what a singer

                                          • Ponemuni

                                            nice one

                                            • Kuswa

                                              such lyrics