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Maggi Song CREDITS:

Music production - Nishant Mathews
Lyrics - Shantanu N...More

Release Date

March, 2015


17 Comment

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  • Talbadra

    music is dope...and so are the lyrics

    • Jempana

      • Beesingu

        lovely concept

        • Dheepa

          what a singer

          • Mahdabai

            music is damn good

            • Aneswas

              waiting for more such videos

              • Jorellu

                music is damn good

                • Riszwana

                  more and more love :)

                  • Shehnaju

                    nice one

                    • Nalapolu


                      • Basavala

                        super work.

                        • Faziz

                          simply amazing

                          • Babne

                            lyrics are amazing

                            • Lingutta

                              why it's not a big hit till now

                              • Yengonda

                                Such bliss

                                • Fasana

                                  very nice h song

                                  • ChandraDas

                                    haha ! lovely