Azeeb Daastan (Lata Mangeshkar Cover) Rishabh - Tushar (Lyrical Video)

About This Video

Azeeb Daastaan is a melodious song by LATA MANGESHKAR from the movie "Dil Apna Aur Preet Parai" released during 60's...

It touches every heart full of love and affection.
Here is the lyrical video of our rendition of this evergreen melody.

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Release Date

March, 2015


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  • Koravari

    waiting for more

    • Chakatti

      I like it

      • Anchelya

        can watch this everyday

        • Nikith

          Sooo nice...maza aa gya

          • Raashed

            dil jeet liya yaar singer ne

            • Jarata

              lovely concept

              • Gorayi

                more and more love :)

                • Naiyyum

                  very nice h song

                  • Tangel

                    waiting for more

                    • Pangiri

                      best song...deserve all the love

                      • Gatteti

                        very nice h song

                        • Tolajola

                          fantastic song

                          • Aramboka

                            I like it

                            • Nirakhya

                              lovely concept