Let`s Ride Homie- SHASKVIR
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'LETS RIDE HOMIE'- Shaskvir |Latest '2016' NEW RAP Song (Full Video Song) | HIP HOP | 2016
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Release Date

March, 2015


English ,Hindi


Hip Hop, R&B, rap song


#letsridehomie, #alright, #homie, #yohomie, #biker, #bikesong, #letsride, #shaskvir, #MuSlate


12 Comment

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  • Kadiki

    fantastic song

    • Athrin

      my favorite song

      • Atmul

        lovely concept

        • Muruboku

          what a singer

          • Tudodda

            super work.

            • Gadiwaka

              very nice h song

              • Gogum

                more and more love :)

                • Pangipi

                  nice video :)

                  • Siddenk

                    music is dope...and so are the lyrics

                    • Mangag

                      more and more love :)

                      • Tangatti

                        waiting for more such videos

                        • Dtala

                          my favorite song

                          • ShaskVir

                            +Dtala thank you i am glad you liked it :) soon coming with another one to keep up the same vibe ..