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About This Video

2nd music video release off indie / alternative artist, THE KONIAC NET.

Done by David Abraham's (frontman, founder) New York family: Jonathan Masino (director & editor) + Kris Graves (director of photography).

Music Video shot in New York.

* the Konia...More

Release Date

March, 2015




Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative, Indie, Indie Rock


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  • Muzahaid

    keep up the good work

    • Kududila

      keep up the good work

      • Tarpani

        lovely concept

        • Towqueer

          it is so nice

          • Khanubai

            music is dope...and so are the lyrics

            • Sammngi

              keep up the good work

              • Boorada

                why it's not a big hit till now

                • Ramaraou

                  such lyrics

                  • Bandane

                    deserves more and more views

                    • Kondrali


                      • Julekhar

                        very much voice

                        • Jorike

                          very nice h song

                          • Varmi


                            • Odgam

                              fantastic song

                              • Mamemoni

                                hit like