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Melding influences from The Glitch Mob, Sigur Rós, NIN, Bassnectar, and DJ Shadow; artist group Digital Slumber Party deliver a unique genre-bending sound blending EDM, downtempo, and industrial rock genres with lush soundscapes.

Release Date

March, 2015




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  • Motruri

    lyrics are amazing

    • Vallbhu

      best song...deserve all the love

      • Chitlura

        music is dope...and so are the lyrics

        • Okkaluri

          very very nice

          • Ivindla

            it is so nice

            • Tattri

              very much voice

              • Nagalaks

                very much voice

                • Bhunsotu

                  such lyrics

                  • Vatsavay

                    Such bliss

                    • Thnam

                      keep up the good work

                      • Pydiayya

                        can watch this everyday

                        • Saayamu

                          nice one

                          • Chanimma

                            music is damn good

                            • Samiunn

                              such lyrics