let`s ride homie
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let`s ride homie (official video)- #OUT #now
AUDIO coming soon - (world wide )
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March, 2015


Hip Hop


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  • Pidkal

    hit like

    • Fasana

      hit like

      • Meklin

        what a singer

        • Anwaru

          Superb nicely

          • Kanojiya

            I like it

            • Vurinki

              keep up the good work

              • Jalangee

                lyrics are amazing

                • Sraavwa

                  kya barbaad hai ye

                  • Tarasil

                    it is so nice

                    • Bhanobee

                      best song...deserve all the love

                      • Ajizara

                        :) :)

                        • Chabbra

                          such lyrics

                          • Yinkoti

                            Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

                            • Shaliain

                              Best sung

                              • Beesingu

                                mast video hai ;)

                                • Tangatti

                                  very much voice

                                  • Dhrshan


                                  • Tulaa

                                    my favorite song

                                  • Spicer

                                    mast video hai ;)

                                  • Abdala

                                    my favorite song

                                    • ShaskVir

                                      +Abdala thank you I am glad you liked it. Check raahi by Shaskvir on zee music I m sure u will like it. And stay connected new ablum coming soon