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This is an Official Video of the song "Bachpan" with Lyrics from the album "Zaher", released by Songdew in August 2015.

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Release Date

March, 2015


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  • Abeebi

    kya barbaad hai ye

    • Nawajle

      Sooo nice...maza aa gya

      • Biswau

        • Ganpappu

          lyrics are amazing

          • Sarjta

            Such bliss

            • Amgonda

              waiting for more such videos

              • Varago

                nice video :)

                • Sriraye

                  nice one

                  • Islambin

                    keep up the good work

                    • Snesh

                      very much voice

                      • Gajasri

                        nice one

                        • Kakurle

                          super work.

                          • Pullur

                            such lyrics

                            • Anuragi

                              +Pullur hey Pullur, we feel great that you liking our music and lyrics... To be connected and to explore more of our content in multiple languages and to be connected well... do connect us on Facebook or Instagram where ever you are active and comfortable. You can subscribe to our channel on Youtube... ANURAGI

                          • Nirakhya


                            • Anuragi

                              +Nirakhya hey Nirakhya, its great that you liked our content. We would love if we can stay connected. You can explore our all the 3 albums thats full of such lyrics and music. connect us on youtube ANURAGI.