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Four2Six formed in August, 2013 and currently based out in Delhi with Kunal Sharma on Drums & Percussion, Rahul Rana on Bass Guitar and Nitesh Rana on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.

Since inception, band soul purpose is to create soulful music that heals.

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March, 2015






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  • Arrena

    music is damn good

    • Afsaree

      nice video :)

      • Puratem

        lyrics are amazing

        • Revidu

          music is dope...and so are the lyrics

          • Varago

            Such bliss

            • Kolasu

              lovely concept

              • Kotumbe


                • Koluvelu

                  waiting for more

                  • Muslai

                    waiting for more such videos

                    • Moppe

                      music is dope...and so are the lyrics

                      • Kammoru

                        fantastic song

                        • Kngnair

                          :) :)

                          • Dudkala

                            hit like

                            • Anusan

                              kya barbaad hai ye

                              • Samiunn

                                Such bliss

                                • Khutizul

                                  mast video hai ;)

                                  • Jalpalu

                                    why it's not a big hit till now

                                    • Yarneni

                                      very much voice