Girl Of My Dreams
Singer Singer

About This Video

Best Dance song.A remix edm of English and Indian lyrics.With Cool George Micheal type of beat.Or a John Mayer blues type of dance Song.Sexy latin girl as the model.Girl of my dreams.

Release Date

March, 2015


11 Comment

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  • Atray

    Such bliss

    • Pulluymi

      lovely concept

      • Neobaru

        dil jeet liya yaar singer ne

        • Khashid

          very nice h song

          • Koyaeda

            kya barbaad hai ye

            • Emmanuri

              Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

              • Muktbai

                very nice h song

                • Maalun

                  Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

                  • Dudduolu

                    such lyrics

                    • Hrepula

                      deserves more and more views

                      • Ailemma

                        Best sung