Swing Song ( Original Jazz )
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“ Swing Song” ( Original, Jazz )

Music & lyrics written by : Prof. Richard Stoker - U.K.

Dance : Ms.Leyla - Russia

Flute & video by : Mr.FluteFreedom – India

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Prof. Richard Stoker : Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music - Associate of the Royal College of Music LONDON - UK (Composer, Conductor, Actor, Author, Artist)
I am very thankful to both of them for their support & encouragement.

Dancer : Ms Leyla Anastasiya ( Ma Jeevan Leela ) - Russia

She is into dancing contact improvisation, tribal fusion & contemporary dance.
Always training herself to learn new forms of International dance. Inspite of her busy schedule, with short notice she agreed to dance & shoot for this video. What she has done is her total improvisation based on my music
My sincere thanks to her creativity.

Dr.Len Anderson - U.S.A, : He is my Guru & mentor I thank him for advising & guiding me all along
Dr.Len Introduction : Leonard Anderson is a retired American educator and musician. Anderson enjoys recording the music he has recorded over 10,000 pieces for flutes, clarinets and saxes. Anderson plays all parts on quartet music and is referred to as "the one man quartet". Web page

Story of the creation :

WEST MEETS EAST Series of Songs and Film Music
RICHARD STOKER has written the lyrics and music for SWING SONG for the outstanding Indian master of the flutes, “ FluteFreedom” ( VINOD MOOGI.) Out of numerous compositions for their WEST MEETS EAST series, this has given the composer and lyricist the most pleasure to create. Its title, SWING SONG, has a double meaning: using a jazz rhythm, and swinging up and down on a swing.

Sincere thanks to all the following friends for the Video shoot :

I would also like to thank all my friends who directly or indirectly helped me in making this video


Lyrics :

Swing song - swing sing, swing it up and down,

Swing it: let's get rhythm, let's get rhythm,

Swing singing, swing swing swinging,

Swing song - swing sing swing up and down,

Swing - don't give up let's go.

(Lyrics and Music by Richard Stoker) 

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Release Date

May 20, 2019




Jazz, Flute, Dance


Folk Jazz


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