BIRHA - the grammer and anthology behind | Anthology of Biraha
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BIRHA -the grammer and anthology behind - Chhand, Jhumar,Kakahara, Teriudaan, Teri-adhar, Bandish, the syllable ‘M’

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March, 2015




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  • Katamal

    Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

    • Sanghavu

      :) :)

      • Gaikvad

        super work.

        • Podmekla

          waiting for more

          • Kondrapu

            it is so nice

            • Mesigolu

              fantastic song

              • Shaqur

                super work.

                • Ndigottu

                  lovely concept

                  • Lavangu


                    • Busrthi

                      hit like

                      • Adaboina

                        keep up the good work

                        • Goribude

                          nice one

                          • Velalaru

                            best song...deserve all the love

                            • Rajappad

                              music is dope...and so are the lyrics

                              • Jettaji

                                can watch this everyday

                                • Fatiabai

                                  nice video :)

                                  • Padimiti

                                    very much voice

                                    • pritam.s1990

                                      great work