Freewill, Part 1 - Rebellion
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Inspired by the traditional music of the God's Own Country, Kerala, this one is sure to feast your musicality. The song is about standing for what one believes in, to a point where one has to rebel against the wrong.

Release Date

March, 2015


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  • Yaswanth

    dil jeet liya yaar singer ne

    • Hunam

      very much voice

      • Jitaam

        mast video hai ;)

        • Nuzeera

          my favorite song

          • Psavana

            Sooo nice...maza aa gya

            • Kushiba

              very nice h song

              • Chabbra


                • Tokalu

                  waiting for more such videos

                  • Gunadevy

                    waiting for more

                    • Bosanti

                      simply amazing

                      • Sagabali

                        lovely concept