Riitam - Hurting Me
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Riitam: Hurting Me
Album: Being Riitam
Too much pain I'm torn apart
Was so close yet too far
Don't really know what's there in my heart
Just know one thing it's tearing me apart

It's hurting me..like I am sleeping on a bed of nails> It's hurting me..like I'm caught by spiky chains
It's hurting me...like I'm walking in the acid rain
It's hurting me...can anybody tell me why.

I can't erase these memories
They are in me and I am used to these.
Even in my dreams I'm running from them
But they come back all the time again

I'm not complaining but , I'm going insane
I'll get over this and break all the chains
There will a day, I know it's there
I will be free from all this pain
It's just the matter of time...More

Release Date

March, 2015


Progressive Rock


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  • Farkade

    what a singer

    • Snisoha

      kya barbaad hai ye

      • Budpolla

        best song...deserve all the love

        • Kamadugu

          my favorite song

          • Maryad

            why it's not a big hit till now

            • Pandhula

              best song...deserve all the love

              • Kunamani

                nice one

                • Dwram

                  Superb nicely

                  • Karchela

                    music is dope...and so are the lyrics