Chasing After You
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About This Video

Official Music Video & 2nd single released by indie / alternative band, the Koniac Net. From their "Abiogenesis" EP.

Animation & video done by Meren Imchen: the brilliant mind behind majority of the artwork for the Koniac Net's "One Last Monsoon" album, and...More

Release Date

March, 2015




Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie, Alternative, Rock


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9 Comment

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  • Kotep

    why it's not a big hit till now

    • Gembeali

      Such bliss

      • Lamke

        keep up the good work

        • Guttii

          nice video :)

          • Okelli

            Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

            • Uddamti

              kya barbaad hai ye

              • Tantri

                can watch this everyday

                • Ananthan

                  waiting for more

                  • the Koniac Net

                    +Ananthan : we're working on Album #3 right now. Half way done with the recording process.

                • Guvela

                  nice video :)

                  • the Koniac Net

                    +Guvela Many thanks! It was done by a very close & talented friend of mine, actually.