Ankhiyaan Nu Rehn De
Singer Singer
Director Music Director


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  • Situri

    Sooo nice

    • Masnapp

      dil jeet liya

      • Saddrak

        what a singer

        • Balboji

          lovely song

          • Katrappa

            lovely song

          • Nirakhya

            awesome track

          • Sunny Singh Ji

            Really nice

            • Silon

              super voice

              • Shila

                looped since 1 hour

                • rahane.rahul

                  Quite good... @ssameer

                • rickygupt

                  @Ssameer...Liked your voice in this one more than that cover song main rahu

                  • Ssameer

                    +rickygupt really appreciate ur love for my voice and my song :)
                    you may follow me on my Facebook page

                • Crazy_Music

                  :) :)

                  • cool.krishan

                    brilliant :)

                  • Sangya_music

                    loved the music and voice #respect

                    • Ssameer

                      +Sangya_music appreciated :)

                    • Sangya_music

                      +Ssameer Thanks for taking the effort to reply. appreciate your humbleness :)

                  • Srijan1989

                    this rendition of the song has some freshness to it.