"Rose Coloured Glasses" - the Music Magazine interview & performance
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the Koniac Net interview & live shoot with THE MUSIC MAGAZINE.

Song performed: "Rose Coloured Glasses," off our ABIOGENESIS EP.

All of the Koniac Net's music is available worldwide on Amazon.com, iTunes, OkListen.com, and many more.

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March, 2015




Indie Rock, Indie, Alternative Rock, Alternative, Rock


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  • Goliyya

    such lyrics

    • Vurinki

      kya barbaad hai ye

      • Kolupuru

        music is damn good

        • Borgama

          very nice h song

          • Ayivvolu

            nice one

            • Srushna

              music is dope...and so are the lyrics

              • Erina

                Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

                • Gogum

                  more and more love :)

                  • Ananthan

                    dil jeet liya yaar singer ne

                    • the Koniac Net

                      +Ananthan Thank you, Ananthan. Can't wait for our new album to release (probably Sept. 2018). Thank you for your continued support - David Abraham [the Koniac Net\