We have some good news for your awesome band!

Now is the time to make way for the most musician centric semi-pro Bands competition in India- IISc Bangalore Pravega Battle of Bands'16. It's the only such competition in India where the Bands will get to perform at the final event without being judged and that too in front of 5000+ music frenzy crowd of Bangalore! This time we rev it up with prelims at Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Shillong and Chennai.

Contest Presenter

IISC Guwahati

Pravega, An IISc community effort, is a three-day fest that is an expression of our love for science, engineering, and the arts; a fiesta, truly, of the geek, by the geek, and for the geek. Endless fun, reams of learning, and the experience of a lifetime guaranteed!

1. Bands from any college and music academies are allowed to participate.

2. There will be no language restrictions on the entries.

3. A Band will only be considered, if they have atleast one audio added to their profile

4. This is a 4 Stage contest, where screening & prelim round will be conducted online on Muslate.com, followed by a set of live events which will be held during the course of the festival at IISC Bangalore, India

5. Muslate.com will own all the exclusive rights for the content that will be posted by you during the contest.

6. Muslate.com is no where responsible for any copyright infringement.

7. Any dispute arising due to any confusion regarding the contest shall be resolved only by IISC Bangalore and Muslate.com and the decision or resolution provided will be considered final.

Rules for Screening Round

8. Bands across the country submit their profile online. Top 50 Bands (10 from each city) shall be selected for prelims in the respective 5 cities.

9. 10 Bands will be shortlisted based on their quality of music for each of the city auditions.

Rules for Prelim Round

10. Top 50 Bands shall be judged by their performance at the prelims (live) and by online poll on MuSlate.com

11. Prelims shall carry the 70% weightage, while the online poll shall have the 30% share in the judgement.

Rules for Stage 3 - Competitive Night

12. Top 5 Bands from all across the country shall battle it out at the final competitive night in Bangalore on 27th January.

13. Bands shall be judged by eminent musicians of the country. This is the last stage which shall involve any type of judgement. Results won't be announced yet.

14. Travel expenses (3rd tier AC Indian Railways ticket from their city to bangalore) will only be reimbursed to the bands which come out to be 2nd,3rd and 4th runner up overall. (Top 2 bands won’t have their travel expenses reimbursed)

15. Bands will have to bring their own musical instruments and effects. However programmed music is not allowed. Standard drum set will be provided.

16. Each band will be given 30(25 + 5) minutes for their performance in which also includes the sound check.

17. Each band will be allowed to perform as many tracks within the stipulated time limit.

18. Muslate.com and Pravega, IISC Bangalore reserves the right to make any changes in the rules, without any prior notice and disqualify any participating band on grounds of misconduct or obscene behavior.

Rules for Stage 4 - Gala Night

19. Top 5 Bands shall perform at the 1st pronite of Pravega'16-BoB 'Gala Night' without being judged for their performance. You heard it right - NO COMPETITION ! This will enable you to chill and perform at your best without any stress.

20. Gala night shall be headlined by a prominent Indian Band. The top 5 Bands of the Competitive night shall be announced at the end of the event.

1. 60,000 and 20,000 INR in cash prize for top 2 bands respectively

2. Perks and Contracts worth INR 45,000 from MuSlate

3. Free Recording Deals & Gigs

4. Chance to open for Giants of Indian music scene

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