Muslate presents RAGNA ROCK IGNITOR : A Battle of Bands for college students. If you are a college student and loves composing music. Register for the contest and show your talent to the world.

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Confluence, Annual cultural festival of NIT Kurukshetra, is a cultural extravaganza beyond words, beyond description. Confluence is the coming together of free spirits of like minded zealous youth and a celebration of culture of true artistic genius. With such varied interpretation, it becomes tough to bind it in the shackles of mold and give it a concrete definition. But what one can truly, conclusively draw is that Confluence is not an opportunity to be passed. It is a heady concoction of music, dance, fashion, culture, healthy competitions, hearty fun and a tribute to extraordinary talents, that is not meant to be missed. So come along, enjoy this ride of lifetime and realize what it feels like to be a part of something special at Confluence 2015.

NIT Kurukshetra

National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra (NITK), India is a premier Technical Institute of the region. The institute started working as Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra in 1963. Like other Regional Engineering Colleges of India this institution too, had been a joint enterprise of the State and Central Governments. This Institute was conferred upon status of Deemed University on June 26, 2002. Since then it has been renamed as National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.

1. This is a VIDEO only contest

2. Contest is open only for College Students and not for professionals.

3. There is no College, Age, Location restriction on the members.

4. There will be no language restrictions on the entries, regional languages are also allowed.

5. Minimum number of members in a band should be 3 and maximum can be 7

6. This is a 2 Stage contest, where prelim/elimination round will be conducted online on Muslate, followed by a live finale event at NIT Kurukshetra, India

7. will own all the exclusive rights for the content that will be posted by you during the contest

8. is no where responsible for any copyright infringement.

9. Any dispute arising due to any confusion regarding the contest shall be resolved only by NITK and and the decision or resolution provided will be considered final.

10. Prizes will be awarded by to only Top 3 Winners chosen after final round of the contest.

Rules for Elimination Round

11. A Band can nominate only one entry for elimination round

12. Shortlisting for the finale event will be based on public voting.

13. Video Submission for contest may subject to rejection.

14. 6 Bands will be shortlisted and invited for the finale event.

Rules for Finale Event

15. Finalists will need to manage all the travel and other expenses on their own.

16. A Band need to perform minimum of 3 songs, one of them being an original composition.

17. Bands will get 30 minutes to perform : 10 minutes for sound setup and 20 minutes for playing.

18. A big bonus will be rewarded for a good instrumental piece (which includes guitar solo) of more than 3 minutes.

19. There are points for rhythm, synchronisation, originality, stage performance and time management.

Note: Only the videos which have been uploaded will be considered valid for the contest. Videos which have submitted via Youtube link won't be accepted for the contest.

1. Music Champion Award : Worth Rs. 25,000/-

2. First Runners-up Award : Worth Rs. 15,000/-

3. Second Runners-up Award : Worth Rs. 10,000/-

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