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Post Office is a quartet that takes general incidents and feelings of life and churns out harmonic stories from them. From matters of the broken heart to the angst of modern civilization, the band traverses various landscapes of sound and thought; lyrics entangled in melodies locked in the pulse of grooves. Rock music, with hints of various other influences is the common ground where the members find themselves discovering new textures and soundscapes.

Arpan Guhathakurta fronts the group with the caliber of his voice and ideas; years and years of singing and playing guitar and bass have conditioned an exceptional musician with a raspy voice who strings anecdotes together to create the fundamental design of the band.
Niloy Kundu’s articulation and precision of thought spills onto his guitar playing as well. His bouts of silence and space in word, music and art are peppered with carefully constructed bits of sheer genius.
Indraneel Thakur is the bedrock on which all layers of composition comfortably sit and interact with each other; prudent drum grooves hold the fabric of the songs together, wrapping the melodies with comfortable grooves to jive on.
Danik Ghosh is the final link between the melody and the groove of the band. Spontaneous outbreaks of ideas on the brink of being termed outrageous help him write bass lines that add color to the canvas, completing the aural experience of the band.
Arpan, Niloy, Indraneel and Danik are Post Office.

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