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Crematory Art is the first Female fronted metal band of eastern region. Formed in July 2012, Crematory Art has witnessed a lot of basic lineup changes. It was quite a hard task to give the band the perfect shape that it required to stand compatible with the genre.
Crematory Art consists of a whole lot of different musical genres that comes simultaneously in to each individual song. This came in to being as all the members represented different genres and styles of playing. Precisely there is a blend of Extreme and Progressive Metal including the influence of djent tonal reflections in almost every individual song. So, its tough to portray anything on the pedestal genre to the band.

Members’ Corner:
Suman, having been trained in pure Indian Classical vocals gave a strong melodic pasture to the arrangements. More color was added as she started to do frontline growls. It is probably the first time in the Kolkata metal scenario. The guitarist Bubun and the drummer Subho being experienced campaigners could add the needed textures the band heavily required. Playing in some rock and fusion bands formerly, enabled the guitarist to add an X-factor to the songs. Having acute knowledge in various music forms made Subho(Drummer) the backbone of the band who kept us intact and is the master mind behind the spotlight. Ankur(Guitarist) is an inexhaustible source djenty grooves and mind bending poly-metric passages. That coupled with the ability to produce astral melodies have added a whole

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