About us
Our Vision

Our Vision

"To Provide Independent Artists and Music Listeners a Unique and Unified Platform where they can Listen, Organize, Share & Promote their music all in one place without any hassle."

We believe Music Industry has mainly two pillars, one being Artists who are the actual content creators and other being the Listeners who are basically the content consumers. And, it needs to be understood, that both these sections of industry have their own set of requirements, and we at MuSlate tries to bring both the communities under one single umbrella.

MuSlate help Artists get their music distributed and promoted globally so they get all the right exposure and credit and on the other help listeners getting their music library organized in cloud, along with unparalleled access to all new Indie Music, Events and Artists.

Growing at a very brisk pace in past one year, We aim to become the De-facto platform for Music Listeners, Composers, Artists, Directors and students across the globe very soon.

Our Gang

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

--Helen Keller


Chief Everything Officer

Core Techie by heart, he strongly beleives in power of technology, and the change it can bring to one's life. After seeing new and independent music creators struggling to make a name, and to get the right exposure, he felt the need of a right product, which is technically smart and intelligent enough to not only help Artists get exposure and visibility, but also serve some unheared quality music to listeners.


Business Strategy, Adviser

Serial Entrepreneur, and a Guy with a smart brain, who knows how to get things done.

Prof. Radhakrishna

Technical Expert

With years of research experience to his name, he is the man to look for, whenever we stuck in between.



The guy with long hair and great height, which also summarise what he do at MuSlate.

Abhilash (Sir)

Front To End Guy

Dimensions are the key to success. This simple funda makes him our Guru.


Social Media Hacker

With that 'Jugaadu' Attitude, she knows what, when & how to present things. Crazy at times, she is the one responsible for S-p-a-m-m-i-n-g you all.


Legal Adviser

With Years of experience, and the right expertise in field of Copyrights Infringement & Claims, she make sure, that we are not pressing a wrong button.