Money Trouble
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March, 2015


English ,#English


Rap, Hiphop, desihiphop


#HipHop, #single, #Believe


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  • Dumila

    why it's not a big hit till now

    • Bhadeli

      nice one

      • Rikuntla

        more and more love :)

        • Yaganesh

          kya barbaad hai ye

          • Langala

            music is dope...and so are the lyrics

            • Kalimoor

              very nice h song

              • Khubulla

                keep up the good work

                • Shukhi

                  can watch this everyday

                  • Eerukal

                    it is so nice

                    • Mamemoni

                      kya barbaad hai ye

                      • Sheobaal

                        nice video :)

                        • Chimmile

                          kya barbaad hai ye

                          • Kedal

                            waiting for more such videos

                            • Paidaka

                              why it's not a big hit till now

                              • Heriuer

                                I like it

                              • Kitra

                                deserves more and more views

                                • Akki J

                                  +Kitra with your love and support, it will maybe. Thanx

                              • Abdala

                                very very nice