Love will find a way ( Original )
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“ Love will find a way” ( Original )
Composer : Mr Richard Stoker – UK

Flute & Voice: Mr FluteFreedom - India

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/> Mr Richard Stoker : Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music - Associate of the Royal College of Music LONDON - UK (Composer, Conductor, Actor, Author, Artist)
Mr Richard Stoker’s story on this composition :  
"This was composed for Mr Flute Freedom for his new film. 

 History of the Song :
Based on the success of the “Sonnet of Rainbows” video, as I was chatting with Mr Richard, saying what if someone finds the melody interesting and writes lyrics to it, to make the melody famous, Mr Richard immediately wrote the lyrics and sent them to me. He called it “Love will find a way“. He asked me to find someone to sing, or to sing it myself, or to speak the words with the melody in the background, so here I am reciting the lyrics.

Special thanks to Dr.Len - U.S.A, who is my mentor

Lyrics :


Love Will Find a Way --It will - Find a way to begin things - So take me by the hand - Take me by the Hand - Take me by the Hand to start things  …. Walking into my life Forever ... Into my Life Forever. Forever.    2nd Verse as above, but with the words "to end things" and "Walking out of my Life Forever".

Special thanks to Mr.Robert Mark for the video shooting. Video was shot in various locations in Camp Belgaum

Thanks for watching and listening! 

Love & Peace


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March, 2015




Rock, Love song, Flute, Jazz folk


love, romance


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