Tanha the Loneliness by Vibhor Sharma
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तन्हा हैं क्यूं सभी
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तन्हा हैं क्यूं सभी इस भीड़ में, परेशां हैं क्यूं सभी
गुमनाम सा चेहरा ...More

Release Date

March, 2015


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  • Bathallo

    keep up the good work

    • Arshyiya

      lovely concept

      • Agisetti

        more and more love :)

        • Jawada

          simply amazing

          • Chindrum

            very very nice

            • Ugpvn

              such lyrics

              • Mandar


                • Nagesulu

                  best song...deserve all the love

                  • Janepira

                    it is so nice

                    • Vazarkar

                      waiting for more

                      • Littam

                        :) :)

                        • Vibhor Pandit

                          Hey guys thanks for the like and I am glad you listened to the song. Please come.to my page there I can be bit more quicker in responding :) facebook.com/thevibhorpandit and it'd be good if you spread the YouTube version :) YouTube.com/thevibhorpandit cheers!! I am working on a lot of other songs but not released yet.

                          • Maaliik

                            Wowwwww it's osmm...power to you

                            • Ghouser

                              keep up the good work

                              • Yalturu

                                hit like