Wake Up - Tribute

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Wake Up - A Tribute To the little innocent boy who left the world in the silence on Turkish Beach. And tears in every eyes, with the question which needs to be answered before the HUMANITY dies.

We should not lose HOPE (Humanity On Planet Earth)

|| Please Don't Forget...More

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March, 2015




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  • Fafima

    nice video :)

    • Shshe

      kya barbaad hai ye

      • Dapka

        hit like

        • Jeerya

          why it's not a big hit till now

          • Prajnani

            can watch this everyday

            • Nirdi

              deserves more and more views

              • Konagalu

                such lyrics

                • Satappa

                  lovely concept

                  • Manneia

                    keep up the good work

                    • Srigatpa

                      waiting for more such videos

                      • Gopikal

                        mast video hai ;)

                        • Saddikni

                          very nice h song

                          • Ryaiy

                            very much voice

                            • Anapaka

                              super work.

                              • Navami

                                lovely concept

                                • Kikkemma

                                  waiting for more

                                  • Ealleti

                                    very very nice