Roman Kahlone Original Songs English Hindi or Hinglish


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  • Irshan

    such collection

    • Sabmangi

      very much voice

      • Ponma

        more and more love :)

        • Urolu

          deserves more and more love

          • Diddanna

            very very nice

            • Rurulla

              dil jeet liya singer ne

              • Silaramm

                more and more love :)

                • Kasuroo

                  Such bliss

                  • Bhuraan

                    whole album is amazing

                    • Revillaa

                      it is so nice

                      • Naramini

                        best collection...deserve all the love

                        • Srdivi

                          it is so nice

                          • Kalaravu

                            Such bliss

                            • Sarkanti

                              repeat mode on

                              • Mudumula

                                very very nice

                                • Redeyya

                                  keep up the good work

                                  • Mutyulu

                                    music is dope...and so are the lyrics..whole list is amazing