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The inception of Aarambh is now in implementation stage. Aarambh's debut album, 'Ek Taara (EP)' is an assembly of fabrics from all sphere's of this beautiful gift from God: Life. Young and naive in life, a lot of hardships have been endured by Aarambh's members, to drive out the hidden music in their souls. The diametrically opposite individual persona's, connected just by one single trait, Music. 'Ek Taara' reflects genuine efforts which remain's upbeat despite of social sarcasm, financial constraints, and rebuke from their loving parents. 'Ek Taara' is the epicentre of Aarambh's hope, dreams, aspirations and embarks their new journey. credits released February 4, 2014 Written and Vocals by Anirudh Singh Gaur Guitars by Tushar Golait, Shivam Choubey, Anirudh Singh Gaur Bass by Tushar Golait Drums by Srijan Sharma and Siddharth Parashar Audiography, Mixed and Mastered by Siddharth Parashar Additional Sound Technician: Arun Suradha Graphics by Jeremiah Morelli and Akvil Sakhare

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March, 2015






#Rock, #Alternative


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  • Gaska

    Wowwwww it's osmm

    • Jatwal

      kya hai ye kuch bhi

      • Thundla

        I like it

        • Bijula

          nice compilation :)

          • Boruka

            :) :)

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              • Mahiboon

                :) :)

                • Munasla

                  each song is equally good

                  • Beluguru

                    very nice h

                    • Kodade

                      nice list

                      • Maneq

                        keep up the good work

                        • Jiyyar


                          • Aishola

                            Superb nicely

                            • Temojeen

                              best collection...deserve all the love

                              • Chiruu

                                great singing

                                • Maseer

                                  very much voice

                                  • Yoovana

                                    whole album is amazing

                                    • Ryaiy

                                      keep up the good work

                                      • Nahori

                                        deserves more and more love

                                        • Bajahar

                                          deserves more and more love

                                          • Adaboina

                                            best collection...deserve all the love

                                            • Danajaya

                                              very much voice

                                              • Kohala

                                                best collection...deserve all the love