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Started off with two friends who met in a guitar class, Asim(bassist) and Sachin(vocalist). The more they went into the depth of music, the more those two had the urge to form a band. After few months,they met ME -Deshraj(pianist) through my college's friend. We started jamming together for a while, until got a gig at Sadar Bazar, when we didn't even have a drummer and rhythm guitarist. the first gig Harfan ever played( oops, eternal chords at that time ), was the most embarrassing thing we've ever done. But we gained our rhythm guitarist from the event, Tanuj. the search for a drummer continued. and we found one, Shivam again at the last moment of another event. which turned out pretty great. Recently we've added a lead guitarist to our lineup..i.e. Pulkit...you'll discover him in our upcoming shows. We all are part of Harfan, a name which defines the persona of every guy present in the band. Our motto is to spread the sound and make the world aware of our presence.

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