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Whitney Tai is a female singer/songwriter from New York who just released promo on her upcoming EP Album, Metamorphosis (a sneak peak medley of 7 tracks). Follow Whitney Tai through her evolutionary journey of heartache and self discovery with lyrical and melodic attacks on multiple genres of music. You can also hear her first single released in January of 2014, To Be Loved, an indie dance song that has gained worldwide attention.
Whitney knew from the moment she was old enough to speak that she would be in love with music. From singing and writing her own musicals at the age of 10 in her backyard, spending evenings singing 70's rock songs to her dads guitar, to finding the spotlight in church choir and school plays. At age 11, Whitney lost her mother to cancer, a loss that empowered her passion to the next level. Through her deep connection to writing poetry and short stories, her lyrics are a testament to truly living in the moment. Whitney’s vocal range is powerful and soulful with contrasts of raspy timbres and resonating falsettos. What lies at the heart of her goals is to reach out and touch others in ways that only music can… from experience.

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  • @whitney_tai
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