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The Goths are a musical duo consisting of Percy "The Masked Pimpernel" Blakeney on bass & vocals and Johnny "The Lord" Stowmarries on guitars, vocals and keyboards. Originally based in Brisbane, Australia, The Goths had a long nocturnal residency at The Bohemian Cafe from 1989 to 1992. By the end of 1993, exhausted by their chronic anonymity after 5 dramatic years, The Goths decided to retire to their proverbial castles for the next 2 decades. Throughout their active years they had remained obscure, mysterious to both themselves and those around them, nameless to the vast majority, undiscovered, unexplained, an improbably anachronistic entity in an increasingly incorporated music industry. Yet they prodigiously proliferated uniquely original music and song and gained a small but dedicated underground cult following, practically all through live performance. This short and unheralded career was nonetheless successful in that it spawned a DIY, self-financed catalogue of songs that still exists to this day. In total, more than 30 songs were eventually recorded in makeshift studios set up in various living rooms and bedrooms across Brisbane using a Tascam 4-track recorder. Now, after two decades in the wilderness, in a world where technology has become everyone's closest neighbour, The Goths have decided to emerge from their dark mansions to rejoin the quest and resurrect those tracks for the benefit of artistic posterity.

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