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  • Vocals

    At Qasbah

    From 2015 to Present

  • Music Director

    At Rhythm Solutions

    From 2001 to Present



Ssameer, a singer blessed with utmost versatility! His artistic style sets him apart from being just a musician. His songs softly whisper that he doesn’t make music to sell - he rather makes it to ring your heart’s bell !!!

Soniye, one of Ssameer’s artistic masterpieces was received as a love-anthem of today’s youth. His debut
song Saiyyaan was the first-ever Punjabi Rock-Song of its own kind, and never heard before. Needless to mention his songs continue to touch a million hearts around many countries.

With a blessed art of being an exceptional Music Producer, Ssameer has collaborated with some of the big names to make exceptionally soulful music. His much-awaited surprises are in making and you will soon get to welcome them in your playlist.

He doesn’t make music to sell! He rather makes it to ring your heart’s bell. When it’s about music, Ssameer follows his own unique pace. The destination is of least importance to him – what matters is his journey to take music to hearts.

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  • @ssameer99


Singh Surmay

Singh Surmay


Daler Mehndi, Desi Hustlers & Ssameer, Daler Mehndi, Desi Hustlers & Ssameer

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