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  • CEO

    At blackweed

    From 2016 to Present

  • Singer-Songwriter

    At bharatandsahsk

    From 2012 to 2015


Shaskvir also known as Shashank Saurabh (Born 05 sept 1991 in Patna , Bihar) is a singer, Music Producer, Songwriter,Performer.
Shaskvir(Shashank Saurabh) grew up in Patna and went to Gyan Niketan School.At the age of 12, he took intrest in singing and gave auditions and live shows for the

school.His music teacher selected him for his amazing voice ,since then he was singing in assembly ground of the school. His parents are the tipical Bihari

parents who`s 1st priority was education,stability and career in enginering but even after he joined his college and completed as an engineer in coumputer science-music,song writing and poetry was the main inspiration of his.

By that time in his 2nd year of studies,when students were running for grades and marks,Shaskvir(Shashank Saurabh) together with Emcee Bharat(Bharat Saini) formed
-B&S (Bharat and Shask)duet of a singer and a rapper on 18th dec 2012.When the one was running for job interview, he was running for song release and record labels .It is said when you have the will and a dream-god always shows the way,same happened with shaskvir(Shashank Saurabh).Even when he went for a job in june 2014 for KLM(royal dutch airline) as a member of CSD team,he still did not let the dream of singing go and worked on his vocal and lyrics in parllel with it.Describing the exprience of a work in airline company as fun,he was trying hard to accomblish what his parents dreamed for him ...for more -

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