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Saurav Sharmaa is an Independent Artist from India. He is lucky child of planets came into world on 10 May 1988, 10:07:10 PM, Summer`s of Musical City Gwalior, MP, India. He Completed his Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Music from Various city of MP State, India. He came Mumbai to Complete his Sound Engineering in 2009 and then he decided to be in Bollywood city to fulfill his dreams to became a complete Rock Star.
Because of his will and his hunger to deep and complicated subjects like Life and secrets, Society and culture, philosophy, spiritual awaking - He automatically started to understand life. And so soon he became one of the youngest Indian Youth Icon because of his several works. He started many program for Under trials In Jails of India. He adopted two girl child. He started to support orphans for their studies. He became Government guest many times. He visited many jails , and helped many prisoners in many ways. He started giving lectures, and motivational seminar to Students, prisoners, and various kind of organizations. He was appearing as one of youngest Motivator of India. His Music carrier was going parallel and he even did many concerts and he gave his full time to Music.
He can write and compose 5 languages, he can play almost 30 instrument, and he is well trained classical and western singer. He has done Acting, Singing, and Music & Film Direction. You can visit him on facebook - & you can visit website or youtube

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