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Riitam is a Sanskrit word which stands for truth. The word rhythm derives from riitam and it refers to the rhythm of the universe. Healthy rhythm that keeps things in order that is riitam.The root word for rhythm and it implies truth as in the sense of it being God and band’s philosophy says that music can never lie.

Progressive/Alternative Rock Band
Influences & Inspirations
Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Pink Floyd, GnR, Ac/Dc,Iron maiden, Dream Theater

Riitam is a high energy five piece rock outfit and have been together since 2013. Our music is an unique blend of styles ranging from progressive rock to
metal psychedelic music. Our music is easily distinguished with intensely catchy melodic & heavy grooves, smooth vocals, driving rock bass and drums and the odd instrumental solo and harmony.
Part of success of the band lies on our mutual respect and understanding each other’s musicality as every members takes and active role in music composition whether it is our own composition or any covers we do. Our songs comes out from unique long jam sessions we do. All members strives to achieve perfection in their own role.
Albert on drums
Gary on Bass
Alfred on guitars and vocals
Vivek on vocals
Anubhav on rhythm
Rakesh in the management

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  • @riitamband
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