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Mumbai’s finest of ‘Mf’ as they are popularly known is a Rap/Hip hop group from Mumbai, India.The crew was initially formed by Amey Patkar (AP) and Abhishek Dhusia (Ace) way back in 2005.The crew was formed as both of them loved hip hop to the core and were well aware of the hip hop culture and were rappers who wanted to breakthrough in the Indian Rap scene. Since then and till now Mf has developed into a successful brand that has its presence not only in Mumbai, but also all over the country. Mf currently is the best Hip Hop crew in India and has its own studio, apparel and accessory shop and is managed by ‘The Hangover Squad Ent’.Mf is credited for being the pioneer of hip hop in Mumbai and setting a trend and a example for the other artists from Mumbai and the country to follow. Mf currently performs all over India and has a lot of songs and videos released independently that are loved and adored by everyone around the Globe. Mf not only makes rap music, but is also into video editing,mixing,mastering and they also teach new and aspiring artists how to rap. Currently Ap and Top Dawg still continue to be affiliated with Mf. We have Kinga Rhymes aka Cynical who spits fire and is a dope producer too. Also we have I'n'Stine as the official producer.Mumbai’s finest currently has Ace aka 39 and Cynical leading the way. Ninja aka Shinobi who is India's Number One B Boy is also with MF.

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