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Mad Orange Fireworks is a Bangalore based three piece band that plays most genres - from pop, jazz, funk to rock, and have named their brand of music as 'Orange Rock'. The band features Michael Dias on Vocals and Guitars, Kaushik Kumar on Bass and Vocals and Deepak Raghu on Drums / Vocals. The ensemble draws its inspiration from legendary bands Thermal and a Quarter, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, and The Beatles.

Key achievements:
1. The band released it's debut album called "Lifeline Cast" in August 2013 which also has received a fair share of success
2. Earlier this year, we had shot some music videos for Music Mojo, a TV channel in Kerala. Our
songs are being aired now and we're getting rave reviews for it
3. We had just celebrated 3 years of existence at Counter Culture on the 12th of April. This was a special birthday gig with our other musician friends joining us on stage for a few songs

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