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12 years ago, Delhi’s last arena act bid farewell to a circuit it had come to command with a heady dose of Rock & Roll. Raw, restless, and unrelenting, their brand of hard rock was soaked in blues and steeped in classic rock.

Headlining campus festivals across the country, touring through three editions of the coveted Great Indian Rock Festival, and even becoming one of the city’s first acts to feature in international compilations, Ashtoreth was not just Delhi’s answer to the burgeoning Bombay scene, it was a six-man rock & roll phenomenon with a loyal fan base and tons of arena cred.

In 2003, the band dawned a new avatar. As Night Train, a more experimental outfit, still anchored in the big rock sound of the 80s, the group welcomed new members and multiple musical directions.

The next 5 years brought change, introspection, distances, and eventually, renewed vigour to get back on the road. Having spent the decade tutoring some of India’s finest stage heroes, it was time for Manjit Joseph to resurrect his act.

Seasoned, not weathered, six of Delhi’s finest musicians are back to brew their magic. With a string of roaring shows across the country, and critically acclaimed releases, Heavens Down is all set to make the city’s biggest rock and roll comeback.

Hence, seasoned, not weathered, five of Delhi’s finest musicians are back to brew their magic

So, all heads to the front row!

Rock Will Never Die !!

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